Unity 1 Productions intent is to represent a conscious movement of creativity through performing arts, healing arts and a grassroots movement based on the urgent need to unify and give peace a chance. It’s a time for community, creativity, and a healthy relationship with planet earth

Each event will be potentially different as collaborations, performers and public speakers alternate. The nature of the events will be focused on dissemination of conscious information to educate and inform, as well as entertain the fellow citizen of human earth. We are willing to work with other activists, artists , and healers to unify in the need to create viable solutions and to emanate light in times of darkness.

Public service and community activism on a grass roots level.

We are available to collaborate and participate in the professional presentation and communication of new world information for sustainability and positive restructuring of society. We want to bring so called alternative energies into the mainstream education  and shed some light to the common all person. Celebration, expression, and unity are some of the key elements that we are working with.

We believe in the reality of being honest with human needs based around food, water, shelter, and clothing.

A business designed to generate funds for non-profits.