Audio and Video Production for Events:

Project COMMUNITY UNITY NOW is a developing non-profit.

Organizing events and benefits that will be centered around certain causes creating revenue for non-profit development and expansion of a new paradigm consciousness.

Unity 1 Productions will also be a professional audio and video production company. First these events will be not only captured on audio and Video, they will be streamed internationally.

Any participant of Unity 1 Productions shows will have the opportunity of being produced and exposed through Unity 1 Productions and their business venue.


Unity 1 Productions will represent the booking of certain acts to create suitable presentations and performances for appropriate venues. Certain artists or material presented by Unity 1 Productions will be available for hire at other events.

JACOBI1 is for hire on educational and performance oriented venues.

Working with Artists



Unity 1 Productions will also help market material that has already been produced to increase exposure and expand potential connections.